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CW 5000 Laser Machine Chiller

CW 5000 Laser Machine Chiller


Recirculating Chiller CW 5000 Features: 

1. 800W cooling capacity of recirculating chiller, optional environmental refrigerant;

2. Small size, long working life and simple operation;

3. ±0.3 oC precisely temperature control;

4. The intelligent temperature controller has 2 control modes, applicable to different applied occasions;

5. Optional heater and water filter.


Introduction of CW 5000 Laser Chiller 

CW 5000 is refrigeration industrial water chiller units of 800W cooling capacity. It’s mainly used to discharge the heat generated during the laser device working that gone through the refrigerating cycle in compressor refrigeration system and eventually transferred to the air. The water temperature is able to be adjusted. There is 1 water outlet and an inlet, applicable to cool single laser glass tube.

Industrial cooling chillers are popular for its 2 temperature control modes as constant temperature and intelligent temperature control. Under intelligent mode, the water temperature is adjusted according to ambient temperature. With that 1 key solution, customers no longer need to worry about the water temperature adjustment of seasonal changes.

Air Chiller Applications

One-stop automatic intelligent temperature control of air chiller: in different environment, user does not need to change setting due to it will automatically switch to appropriate operating temperature.

1. CW-5000AG: applied to cool a single 80W CO2 laser tube (emitting rate higher than 60%);

2. CW-5000AI : applied to cool a single 5W-10W solid-state laser.

Laser Machine Chiller Specification
CW 5000 laser machine chiller parameter 
Recirculating Chiller Packing
Each recirculating chiller in a carton box. 


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